Friday, July 30

I-Robot rocks. Wow. It's so wow! The whole story is so so cool! I wouldn't mind watching it again!

Watched it at Cine with Daryl & I watched the Digital versh again. Apparently, the Digital one has much more clarity & better sound & what not. Who cares? Lol...but we had to watch the Digital one coz' we didn't want to wait till 6+. & man, the show's GREAT! It was so science-fic & so like, futuristic & now, we should think twice before thinking of utilizing robots eh?

Bumped into Yix again at the bus-stop. I LOVE THAT GIRL! Sheesh. But I haven't talked to her for ages! Ok ok, gotta catch up. Uncle Steven. Lol...speaking of which, I visited him last week & how I miss those good ol' days of chilling there for 3 hours straight with Yix, with Uncle Steven doing those amazing tricks.

Finished Lit Review with Skye on Tuesday. The first time an assignment is finished days before it's dued. How surprising. But it was really stressful doing it with her. We were all yelling at each other, calling each other nasty names(but it was not ill-intentioned), cursing & cursing really badly. You should go see some of those extracts on her blog. She laughed so much she cried. & those people around us were staring google-eyed as if we were nutters. Which we most probably were!

NewsWriting. I haven't even thought of questions to ask my interviewee yet. How screwed? Oh wells, think hard, think hard!

Hey dear, I know it's not entirely easy for you to trust me after all that shit but you have to try. I promise you that I'll do no more of those crap.

You really know where to start
Fixing a broken heart
You really know what to do
Your emotional tools
Can cure any fool whose dreams have fallen apart
Fixing a broken heart
Indecent Obssession [Fixing A Broken Heart]

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