Sunday, August 1

I made Daryl go Escape Theme Park with me yesterday & him, being the mean person he is, proceeded to snort & laugh when he saw me. Ok, I looked KIDDISH. Thanks a lot. He went like, 'Oh look, Sec 2 boy's checking you out.' & I was like, 'EARGH!'

So anyway, it rained in the morning so the seats & all were rather damp. & Daryl was being a wet blanket. He was like, 'I don't wanna play that *points at Pepsi Revolution* or that *points at Flipper* or that *points at Cadbury Inverter*. I don't wanna play anything which makes me dizzy.' & I was like, erm, ok, that leaves the kiddish train. Want to take a ride? Haha! But in the end, he took all the rides with me except for the Wet Wet Wild crap because we were in no mood to go home squishing water. & the Cadbury Inverter was down for performance check, that shit. That spastic Alpha 8 left us all with bruises. It was so bloody dark & when I went in, I couldn't see nuts & walked straight into the fence flattening my nose & scratching my arm. & the ride was horrendous. Like what Daryl said, why pay yourself to be tortured? The 90 degree bends throw the riders against the side of the cart rather violently & the entire cart felt as if it was gonna run off the track. Gah. We bought this candy floss the size of 3 heads & we couldn't finish it. Felt as if I was munching on sugar, which I probably was anyway. Yuck. But anyway, thanks dearie for going on ALL the rides with me, however reluctant you were! :)

Went Upper Thomson for prata after that. The prata house is apparently one of the best around & the pratas there are definitely good. They even have name cards!

After that, went to his place & it was quite funny. There we were playing PS2 & his sister popped her head in & said hi. Daryl was like, 'This is Samantha!' & his sis went, 'Like I don't know?!' Haha! His sister left soon after anyway because she had a flight to catch. She's an air stewardess...way cool! & I packed up his room while he was trying to get me away from his messy wardrobe & all. Pulled out everything in his wardrobe & refolded them, that messy boy. Haha! Played PS2 & all(hahahahaha!) & then was going to take a cab back when he saw his parents' car rounding the bend so he called them asking whether he could borrow the car to send me home & in the end, they all sent me home. It was so strange. Daryl was in the back seat with me, & his mom was in the passenger seat while his dad was driving, & I was like, ermmmm. Felt so strange. Like I was being escorted home or something. But it was ok, his parents are really nice & friendly!

Yepz, tuition later. 3 hours of pure torture. Sigh. But it's alright, I get to see him again tomorrow!

Dearie! You're not a paedophile ok? It was the trainers! & ummm, Dave Koz was a mite noisy yesterday. I wonder why? Luckily my mom called or we would have totally forgotten to check the time! :) Yepz, control. Must. Control. Lol...

Wrap my love around you
Bless the day I found you
It's plain to see you've got to be
The definition of beautiful
With every part
A work of art
Dave Koz feat. Javier [Definition Of Beautiful]

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