Thursday, November 11

Haha. Finally. A day off from work. Haha! A much needed breather. I did too much copy & pasting, & churning out new press releases & my mind is boggled.

Did delivery. Well well. Bumped into 2 fellas on dope in the park. & they were inhaling from their plastic bags in public. Openly. Honestly, I could have dialled triple nine but nah, I'm not that nosy. Don't do drugs, because drugs are bad, mmmkay? Don't be bad, mmmkay? (Imagines Skye's annoyed face)

I bought Westlife's new album. Hold it, everyone. Before you start firing shots at them, I ask you, have you heard their new album yet? Because you should. They do decent jazz. Or should I say, they do impressive jazz. I heard the trailer on Class 95, thought it was Buble & was utterly shocked when I realised it's Westlife. I tell you, they should have started doing jazz. I don't know who but 1 of them has an almost identical voice to Buble. It's shocking. & amazing. & I applaud them for their new image, new sound, & their new courage. Good job.

Right. I'm even too lazy to Maple. Bah. So much for my plans of staying up.

Je t'aime, darling. Je t'aime tellement, it's au delĂ  des mots. Go figure since you love French so much. :) Seeing ya tomorrow! Hurray!

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