Tuesday, November 9

Would you believe it? I have been so tired, I haven't played Maple Story in 2 days. Sometimes, I amaze myself with my self-resistance. My will power is my pride.

Well well, whatdya know? I can't tag on my tagboard again! It's ironic. It's MY tagboard & everyone else seems to be able to tag with no problem but not me. Not the owner. What the hell is wrong with the bloody thing?

So...here goes!

Vidz: Why did you close down your blog? I need my dose of Vidz anecdotes! Or I'll have...Vidz...with...withdraw...wal...sym...*gasps*...toms. Oh, my toe says hi by the way. Look at it go! *stares* Well, it wanted to wiggle 'thanks for your concern' but it couldn't so yeah...let's go polluting!

Gracie: ...hey! Jason Mraz is my oglee! Go find your own oglee, you ogler! Buuuuut...if you ask nicely, I could be nice & share. :)

Yesh, that's all. My toe endured another round of rubbing & prodding & it still hurts like mad. It's swollen. Like Beckham's ego. It's twice the size of my left toe. 1 point for the klutz.

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