Sunday, December 12

Gah. My brother almost killed my laptop. Apparently, he bammed away too hard on the keyboard while Mapling & my memory was bammed loose. So I could not even switch on my laptop. Had to bring it to the Acer service centre yesterday morning which was like, not reachable by bus. So my mom & brother accompanied me, & we took a cab there.

That fella fixed the problem in record time. 10 minutes was all he needed. & I'm glad to have it back! So now, when my brother wants to play games on my laptop, he needs to plug in an external keyboard. Haha...

After which, we went IMM & walked around & had lunch until 1+. By then, I was dying to get home coz' I was supposed to meet Daryl & go shopping.

Finally met him at 4PM. Haha...& there I was on 162 with him, on our way to Suntec when I saw Amanda at the bus-stop. What a small world. & then, I bumped into YouJin at City Hall MRT Station. Wow, at this rate, I'll probably bump into the entire class.

Went buying the stuff that I took note of on Friday. Coz' I went shopping with Skye on Friday (Amanda left early) & well, my cheque isn't gonna come through till Monday so I was flat broke & I took note of all the items I want. So I went around getting the important ones yesterday. & I got the calendar I wanted so badly! When Skye & I saw it on Friday, there were 2 left. Then there was only 1 left on the shelf yesterday so Daryl was taunting me & yeah, we got it. Got my sister's wedding/Christmas gift. Which is really so sweet, & it's also the last left on the shelf. & I bought Skye's birthday present too! & you guessed it. It was the last left as well! I suppose I was on a streak yesterday. Bought the furry corsage from Dreamweavers thinking that I would be given the cool white bag which Amanda got on Friday BUT noooo, they gave me a normal plastic bag & I was so annoyed. Bah. Ended it off by having dinner at Yoshi because Daryl was so hungry, he was practically dying. & yes, I am indeed so proud of him. He did his IPPT test despite having a giddy spell in the morning, & then gastric, & still managed to emerge the top few & get the money & the 2 days off. :)

Right, then after that, we went to his place as usual. & he gave me his black Nike cap! Lol...coz' he thinks he looks strange in it. *shrugs*

Today is like the first Sunday in the past few weeks that I'm not meeting him. Coz' my parents are out & he can't come over, & I gotta stay home & make sure the little brat of my brother doesn't wreck the house. Ah, the pains of being a sister!

Ayu says she can't tag on my blog, & she initially mis-typed my website as & went to a site which looks suspiciously like a cult website. Gah. My blog's creeping people out!

He's chosen my attic
I feel it in the static
He lives in my basement
& I can hardly face it
My performance is easy
I am the god of romance
& in my confusion
I have the right to reign

He's stolen my Oscars
He trades on my jokes
He makes all my engines go oh oh oh
He put an "e" in the arsenal
A comb in my 'fro
Devine retribution
& away we will go
Hey hey hey hey

Something's happening I can feel it
Moving out of time you'll hear it
Falling in the way you fear it
Jumping thumping shout out something
Jumping thumping shout out something

Listen to the radio
& you will hear the songs you know
Make it effervescent here
& you might have a job my dear

I'm searching for something
Beyond my understanding
Looking for meaning
Where nothing is demanding
There are no surprises
Where nothing is expected
If you offer nothing
Then everyone accepts

Robbie Williams [Radio]

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