Monday, December 6

Yes yes. The back to school feeling is absolutely glorious. I wouldn't have thought so if not for ITP. Yes, thanks for letting me appreciate school! Wahahahaha! I bet I'll be singing a different tune some weeks down the road but hell, just let me crap for now!

So how was today? Well, Principles of Management basically sucked & I don't know how I smoked my way through the tutorial. Spanish is funny. We could hardly pronounce those words properly & we were all trying our best to get the consonents rolling smoothing off the tongue. & well, today was just basic basic stuff. So much more to learn before I can really talk to Raul. Although I can tell him, 'Como te llamas? Me llamo Samantha.' Haha!

Went with my sister, brother-in-law & my parents to go try our gowns at the bridal studio. Actually, I had gotten mine. It's this white Daniel Yam dress but then well, it's a little too big for me & it hangs off my frame. So there I was, hoping against hope that I wouldn't get some weird gown which I'd loathe & the gay (but very very cute designer) looked at me & strutted off (yes, he struts) & came back with a purple gown. Ok, it's actually lavendar but I am so not crazy about purple. & apparently, my mom & my sis think it's really nice & insisted I get that one. So I'll be wearing a colour I can't stand. Bah. Oh, my mom's gonna be wearing a backless champagne gown & she looks gorgeous in it. I love my mom for being so pretty.

Daryl thinks he should wear a suit that day although I think he'll look faily overdressed. But of coz', I'll love to see him in a suit. He's probably coming along when we all go back & try our gowns (altered to our length) again.

& yes, I am so goddamn impressed with the gay (but very very cute designer). He designs them, & he sews them all by himself! I am so goddamn impressed because those gorgeous gowns are made by Mr. Young, Gay & Cute. I love those trains. Nice slinky white ones with trains. My sis's wedding gown is one of the most beautiful things I have laid my eyes on. & Mr. Young, Gay & Cute has a highly professional eye. He'll look at your frame & decides immediately what colours best suit you, how many inches to pinch around the waist, how many inches to take off the hem & all. Impressed. We're all impressed. & I'm just utterly awed by those beautiful gowns with beads & trains & amazing embroidery & it's hard to believe that a young man actually designed all these. Makes me wanna get married too! Wahahahaha!

Ok, I'm in quite a good mood because Jason Mraz made me laugh too much. If you don't read his journal, you wouldn't understand. I'll just quote some of the stuff he says. He's hilarious!


Recently I've been getting my news from the grocery store check out line when I pop in to buy milk or an onion or anything that I need only one of. No matter the expressiveness of the express line, I always seem to have to wait behind those who still use a checkbook. This allows me the time I need flip through the pages of the most important news magazines in the world.

Exclusive! Lindsay Lohan can't keep a steady boyfriend. The 18 year old holds 20 jobs currently and ex-boyfriends find it difficult that she can't make time for just one more. Boys claim the "job" should take only a few minutes.

Paris Hilton is still rich and annoying!

I can't believe that there are magazines that print this sort of stuff. A Celebrity Weekly it's called. It's news! And based on its location in the supermarket, much easier to find than a daily newspaper, I assume it's the leader in news! Celebrity Weeklies won't bore you with bothersome photos of George Bush. Yuck! Instead, they give you hunky photos of Siegfried and his boy toy Roy. They'll show you sexy Regis Philbin on Halloween dressed as Nick Lachey. Two hotties in one! Plus, you get all the latest updates on Britney spears while she's trying to take a year off! Praise Kabbalah!



I'm not one to get in and get out. I like the talking and if we fall asleep or not without a kiss, it's no big deal. Sure, they'll think I’m gay and it will largely affect my game, but they're the ones who will be tired the next day at work. Me, I'll go get some coffee and feel loved, however blue my soul or balls have actually become.

Now here are some things that continue to blow my mind or at least cause me to raise an eyebrow:
-Soda. Why is America's favorite beverage an artificially flavored carbonated brown juice?

-Women apparently have a hard time going number two at their place of business. It's a fact. Ask them.

-Anything wireless. Radio waves, walkie-talkies, cell phones, wi-fi internet at Starbucks. How does it find me? Is it because I'm always at Starbucks? And who says AM is for talking and FM is for rocking?

-Snoop Dogg. All these years and he's still singing about smoking weed. How does he get so much accomplished and still manage to find ways to spell his name imaginatively?

-Daylight savings time. That's some weird math. Who came up with it and how did he get everybody to agree on it. That's one hell of a campaign.

-Would you agree that silent letters are dumB.

-Nano is a prefix for something small. Is it a coincidence that my Nanny is also small?

-A penny for your thoughts. But you already put in your two cents. Somebody's making money.

-And wouldn't the song make more sense to sing, "Still lazy after all these beers."


I know some stuff there don't link but I just lifted all the funny parts I think are so funny. Jason Mraz makes me laugh so much. The whole celebrity shout outs thing, & the things he thinks about. I'll probably go to sleep thinking why we get a penny for our thoughts when we already put in our 2 cents worth. :) I'll go to bed pondering over the world's most ponderable questions.

Truly Julie, in another day
You know it really isn't far away
That I'm longing to be with you
You'll be waiting for another sun
But that's when things begin to come undone

There's sense that's running in the air
& that's the time that you should never dare

Running away you can't pretend
Up to the door & back again with me
I know
Running away it drives me wild
Even someone who makes me mild like you
I know

There's a place where everything is free
& everyone is just like you & me
Like I've never seen before
But I would never ever wanna go
To a place unless you told me so
Then you said that you wanted more

There's sense that's running in the air
& that's the time you should never dare
Electrico [Runaway]

Haven't posted this for quite some time so there you go! What I've been hooked on to! :)

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