Sunday, December 5

Oooooh. Back to school! Gosh, I miss school so much. No more claustrophobic tiny little office. No more staring at Jeffrey cluelessly. No more lugging my heavy laptop to & from work. No more rushing here & there. NO MORE! :) I survived my ITP! Wahahahaha! I can't wait for my Spanish lessons tomorrow! YES YES YES!

Spent 3 days with Daryl. Lol...Friday, we went for his cousin's wedding dinner at Regent Hotel. Had to rush coz' of my work & he booked out later than expected. Rushed home to shower & change & I felt so ridiculously overdressed coz' he made me wear my prom dress. I was decked entirely in black. But well, so many others were in black so nah, couldn't be bothered. It wasn't as awkward as expected although I did think his parents were gonna be there. In the end, I realised that Daryl & I were supposed to represent his entire family. Lol...

Saturday - As usual, met him after work (LAST DAY! AHAHAHAHA!) & we had Sakae Sushi at Junction 8, after that, walked around a little before heading to his place as usual. & now, I suddenly realised that we forgot to feed the pig.

Today - He came over to drive my parents to Woodlands for grocery shopping again! & well, I cooked us all pasta for lunch. Which I haven't done in a very long time. Went Changi Airport to get Ian, who was back from Perth & then all 6 of us, which include Kian Gap, Hui Sia, Ian, Karen & both of us went to Swensens for ice-cream & Daryl got a parking ticket for parking at double yellow line. That totally ruined the day. But yes, his brothers felt bad & they offered to chip in. & now he's booking in again. Saturday Saturday. All I look forward to is Saturday.

Darling, I tell ya, you make me want to...ok, never mind. :) Not here, another blog! Heh...

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