Wednesday, December 1

Thanks to everyone who helped keep their fingers crossed but I didn't find it. :( I suppose I dropped it on my way home. Daryl didn't blame me...he said we could go get another pair but yeah, I just feel bad because it's disappointing. Sigh...

Anyways! My LO FINALLY came yesterday. Haha...I didn't hear a peep from him for like 5 entire weeks. Lol...& he came on what, the last week? So yeah, he stayed for about 20 minutes or so. I suppose there wasn't much to talk about.

I met John for dinner yesterday at Bugis's Pastamania. Surprise surprise. He called me up on Monday & we chatted a bit. So I asked him jokingly whether he was doing quarterly reports on me since he calls like once every 3 months. So yeah, he decided we should catch up. It's weird how we lost contact for 1 & a 1/2 year after we broke up, & then he would just send me a letter out of the blue. But it's good. He's a sweet fella, a very good friend. *shrug*

Daryl got bitten by some insect and he now has hands the size of dustbin lids. Ok fine, I'm exaggerating. But he got excused from his outfield & was sent back to camp along with another victim. & then both of them were forced to go Tan Tock Seng Hospital. For someone with thick hands, he was ridiculously happy. Lol...coz' he was supposed to be outfield till Wednesday but he got back on Tuesday morning. Slacker. Bah.

I saw a really cool guy on the bus this morning. He's Malay, has shoulder-length hair, wears studded wristbands, and he just spells 'rocker' with his dressing. I was sort of staring at him because of his appearance & his super scary face. His little kid, around 5 years old was just standing next to him. After that, there was an empty seat & he ushered his boy to it while he himself squeezed into the standing area. I was just standing behind the little boy.

The kid fell asleep & soon enough, was in danger of toppling right out of the seat. Being me, I wanted to push him upright but I was hesitant to grab a stranger's kid (much less a rocker's kid) so I stopped, but I saw the dad nodding & basically, giving me the go ahead so I lightly propped his kid upright. & throughout the rest of the journey, the dad was making faces at the kid & they were just such a sweet pair. & I was extremely touched when the kid fell asleep, & Rocker Dad just looked at his sleeping child & smiled to himself. It was so sweet. Such is the love of a father for a son. Awwww. & I found Rocker Dad extremely cute when he was doing that. I had this weird urge to go forward, grab the kid & go like, 'I'll be your GODMOM!' Gah.

Ooh. Singapore Idol FINALLY ended. & Taufik won. & I think, so what? He'll probably fade into oblivion just like how Ruben did. Argh. I don't care. American Idol's gonna be back in JANUARY! Come on, Give us another Clay Aiken! :D

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