Friday, February 4

I'm one grumpy person. I have a HUGE zit on my chin amongst others, we don't have cold milk anymore & I need some good ol' Brownes, I can't find motivation to do any work, the weather has been hot, & well, I've just been paranoid about some stuff lately.

But but but. There's always one thing which cheers me up! Saturday. My Daryl Day.

The sweetest gift ever. If there ever is an award for most wonderful boyfriend, he would probably get it. How the hell can a couple not fight at all for like, 6 & a half months? :) He's utterly sweet, romantic (coz' I'm way into those stupid overhyped surprises), patient, understanding...I can go on.

It's so nice to have someone telling you you're beautiful when you're having one of those bad days. Someone claiming 'You look the same!' when you're totally wiped out with dark circles & frizzy hair & zits & NO concealor. Someone who writes you sweet letters (in this world of tech). Someone insisting to hold all your bags, & still try to hold your hand by shifting like 2 million bags onto 1 arm. Someone patiently & accompanying you during your shopping trips. Someone who'll just kiss you for no apparent reason at all. Someone whom you feel so at ease with just by cuddling up & watching Discovery Channel on TV. Someone who'll remember what you like. Someone who'll go out of his way to get you the stuff you like. Someone who says silly things to make you laugh. :) That'll be him.

& I told him all my friends have a good impression of him & he went like, "Huh? What have you been telling them?! You make me sound so boring!" Lol.

The only person in the world who can make me smile on a bad day. Who can make me look forward to a Saturday this much. What have you done to me?!

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