Monday, May 2

What a day! I met up with 3 of my favourite people! Whoot!

I had a talk with Julian over a cuppa of CoffeeBean's Pure Vanilla. & he's as crude as ever. & as much of a cocky asshole. He was telling me how his DJs won some Zouk DJ thing yesterday & he was all smug. & his attitude. Is still the same as before. Still crude, still loud, still cocky. Tsk. & I actually love him. Coz' he's been my best friend since like, Sec. 3. I mean, who goes, 'Fuck off, fuck off!' to substitute, 'Excuse me, let me pass?' Hahaha. That'll be him. He'll probably get whacked up one day with that face of his anyway.

A typical conversation with him goes like this:

Julian: Ah, HIM! He's a sleazebag motherfucker! Chee bye.
Me: Language, Ju! Hahahaha!
Julian: Ok, he's a sleaze who makes love to his momma! Kanina.

Still the same old Ju. Always substituting his vs with ws. Haha. & honestly, he's a good person. Underneath everything. Underneath his offending kiam pak face, underneath his 2 diamond studs, underneath his big jeans, underneath his trucker cap. He's a good guy. Really. He's just in denial. Tsk. But I'm glad I'm not on his bad side. I've never seen him really nice to people. He's just nice to me coz' I'm his best friend. Haha.

& then I met Dennis & ZhangYang for dinner. Whoot. Those hustlers. Best crazy company ever. We bonded over...Pastamania. :) Big surprise there, ain't it? They're hilarious people. They're sane apart, but when both of them get together, it's madness all the way. Two 22 year-olds acting like silly 17 year-olds. You don't see that everyday. I sort of miss having lunch with them crazy people & laughing & laughing. They're natural born jokers. I accompanied them on their slippers shopping trip which turned out to be totally madcap as well. & then we ended up playing pool. Well, they hustled me into playing so I did. & I was whipped. I was whipped clean by ZhangYang. I had to ask him to put me out of my misery. Lol.

Dennis drove me home afterwards, with Daryl on the phone giving directions. Back to my home. Yes, I know it's sad. Don't rub it in already.

But I'm very very very happy. I've had nothing but mad fun with them all, & I'm gonna be seeing my most favourite person in the world tomorrow! WHOOT! LIFE IS GOOD!

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