Sunday, August 21

Gah. I'm so sweet so sweet so sweet I can't stand it myself!

So anyway! Yesterday, I went to town earlier to collect the Mango Tango ice-cream cake from Crown Prince Hotel & brought it over to The Glass House. Yeah, I know. Totally retarded since there is a Swensens at PS. I forgot, alright? Gah. So yep, I arranged to have Fish & Co. keep my cake for me. & then off to PS I went to wait for the boy of the hour but...he was late. Phooey.

We walked around, had Pastamania for lunch (hi Brianna!), decided to catch a movie & ended up watching 'Valiant' at 4.50. It was ooookkaaaay. Wasn't fantastic. I think I expect too much. It said, "From the producers of Shrek & Shrek 2" on the poster & I assumed that it's good. Gah. It's not like it's not good at all. It's just...ooookkaaay. Like, been there, done that kind of animation. We should have watched 'March of The Penguins'! I just read Jason Mraz's journal & he was totally raving about it.

So we had so many hours before 'Valiant' started & we were damn freaking bored so we went to the arcade & played Photohunt. Hahaha. As always. & there was this guy who was playing 'Stacker'. It's like this thingy which you're supposed to stack up (duh) cubes to win some prizes. & the prizes are like iPod Minis, the latest handphones on the market, discmans & shit like that. But it's $1 each try. & this fella (who looks like a good-for-nothing) had a plastic bag full of $1 coins. Like probably $50 worth. So he sat there very calmly playing it. For like an hour. Happily squandering away all the cash. What a bum.

After the movie, we headed to Fish & Co. & whoot! There were seats! I was expecting to like, queue for an hour or so but it must have been Daryl's birthday luck or something. There was like 1 last table for 2 upstairs & we headed up & had Fish & Chips. & after the dinner, the staff was supposed to bring out the cake. I did tell them beforehand but some of them didn't know & I couldn't possible like just ask one waiter for the bill or it would have been very obvious. So I had this whispered conversation with this waitress explaining to her that she had to bring out the cake & Daryl got suspicious. & I went like, 'Oh, she asked whether we wanted dessert.' & he went, 'No need lah. She's going to bring the cake right?' -_-" It's ruined! It's ruined!

The melting cake was brought out & 2 waitresses happily sang the birthday song to Daryl's chagrin. He was very embarrassed. Very. Lol. Couldn't finish the cake & we gave half away. A quarter to the couple on our right & a quarter to the couple on our left. Lol. Such generous people we are.

Went to meet Pang & Shifa at PS after that (who refused to come have the cake because they didn't want to 'butt in') & we chatted till like, 10. Boo ya. But hey, when guys get together, you know what they do? They army-talk. Army army army talk. Phooey. Hahahaha! Oh wells. Went back to his place & was falling asleep watching Forrest Gump. Haha. But yeah, he did send me home after that.

& we went to Savannah today because he was going on & on about it & wanted to bring me there. So I brought my brother along & I must admit it's damn nice with like the waterfall, the 'caves', the animal statues, the bloody HUGE pool, the very spacey & grand clubhouse buuuuutttt, it's in SIMEI! Si-frigging-mei! Wah lau! What the hell? That's like 2 million miles from my place lah! Thought Bishan was bad enough but compared to Si-frigging-mei, it's DAMN near lor! Damn ulu can? There isn't even a bus service to Savannah! What the hell lah. Damn stupid can? So far so far so far. :( & it's like almost confirmed that they're going to move there. BAH!

Went Tampines mall for Pastamania again. So what's new? The clams tasted bad but I didn't complain because I love Pastamania too much. I know it's a really silly excuse but hey, who are you to judge? Lol.

Sent my brother back first & I went back with Daryl to pack his bag & all. & then we came back for dinner. & then he realised that he forgot to bring his camp pass. -_- So he had to go all the way back to Bishan to get it. Silly ninny. But heeeeey! I love this silly ninny!

& he thinks I'm sweet for planning all those stuff for his birthday. Sure, I made him say it but he did say that it's QUITE sweet lah, so there! :)

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