Tuesday, August 23

I think I'm generally an easy person to work with. Not over-demanding, or someone who makes things difficult. Just slightly anal. But I don't really like tension so I always try to be as nice as possible, at the same time trying to get people to do their stuff.

So tell me, are people taking advantage of this nice-ness? I can be un-nice, you know? But I just don't think anyone would rather someone be un-nice than nice.

There's one kind of group member I can't stand. She who turns up late for every single meeting. She who leaves early even though she comes late all the time. She who does not hand in her stuff on time. She who does not take initiative to ask about the project. She who does not pick up her phone or reply text messages. She who MIA. This is the most intolerable kind.

& therefore, I do not take to being stood up kindly. I do not take to people suddenly becoming uncontactable just when they are supposed to meet me. I do not take to all those at all. I'm patient, but I'll snap as well. & I'm snapping. I can tell. Just by the cold glass of milk every night. I know I'm snapping.

Honestly, I know you're busy. Not with school really, but with like all these outside commitments. I know the competition that you're in requires time. BUT that's hardly an excuse. We all have outside commitments but we find time to do work. Seriously, even if you're the President, I wouldn't care as long as you do your bit as a team member.

I'm hardly a mean person. I think my tolerance is like really semi-godly. But then again, I'm human too. & I get pissed off too. & when I get pissed off, it's honestly not a pretty sight. Not that I myself think that way. But others did tell me that it's not a pretty sight when I'm mad. So please, don't make me mad. I try not to be. Just do your work & we're off each other's paths.

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