Friday, August 26

Ok, I don't know what the hell is wrong. I've been really down in luck lately. Someone musta put a hex on me or something.

First & foremost, I was kept waiting as I mentioned in the previous entry. & I am quite an impatient person when it comes to waiting. I CANNOT WAIT. I just can't. & of coz', it's even worse when the person becomes uncontactable. It just makes the whole situation worse.

& then, on Tuesday, the day I could see Daryl coz' he had night off, we had DocPro lecture until 6.30. It over-ran by 1/2 an hour because there was a guest speaker.

That same day, as I was on my way to Daryl's place, I fell off bus 74 while alighting. Like I really just flung off to the pavement. From the 2nd step of the bus. & I skinnned both knees, had a scratch on my hand, & cracked my toe. & now I have 2 huge bruises on both my knees which look really ugly in skirts.

& still on that day, I was at Daryl's place & then I had this massive pang in my tummy. It throbbed, & then it became so bad, I was bent over & I couldn't even stand up straight. Daryl had to carry me in a foetal position into his room where the bloody pain finally went away after some time. I have no idea what it was.

Today (or technically yesterday), I had Media Law accessed tutorial. & the night before it, I remembered that someone had borrowed my MedLaw notes to photocopy just that afternoon & had never returned me. So I was left stranded. & she typed it out for me & sent me the soft copy but it just isn't the same as your original notes. Because I had sidenotes which linked loads of stuff together & half of the stuff she typed, I had no recollection of writing them whatsoever. I hope I didn't screw up my paper.

I also woke up with a sore throat & a blocked nose which seem to be getting worse. & I decided to drink honey water to soothe my throat but instead, I gave myself phlegm. Eww. & a cough seems to be developing & my body is starting to become extremely sensitive & that usually means a fever is coming on.

& I couldn't eat the dinner my mom left for me! My favourite chou dou, which literally translates to smelly beans. I have no idea why they're so smelly but they're like damn damn damn good lah. & I so wanted to eat them but they're all drenched in belachan & they're originally very heaty already & if I so far as touch any of them, I may not survive beyond the night. Hallelujah.

& here I am all sore & sick & irritable & miserable & I had a fight with Daryl. Because he asked me this question like 8 times. & I told him 'no' every single time. But he kept asking & asking & I did try convincing him. But he just wasn't convinced. So he asked me again & I got irritated & asked him whether he secretly wanted to hear a 'yes'. & he said he needed convincing. But that was what I was trying to do all the while! So I got irritated & told him so. & yes, we hung up rather abruptly. & he texted me in a cordial way. & so did I. & I think it'll last till tomorrow & I HATE fighting with him.

& I have an NCC Day Dinner to attend this Saturday which I'm really excited about coz' I've got a new dress & new heels to match (courtesy of Daryl) but I'm sick & we're fighting & I don't know how I'm going to survive. Sigh.

Foul luck, go away! Go away go away go away!

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