Saturday, August 20

Ides of March was pretty impressive. I was quite surprised that a group of students did this musical from scratch (I'm not talking about the story, I'm talking about the re-adaptation of the script, set, costumes...). The compositions were original, & some sang theirs better than the others. Some shone throughout the entire musical (like how I'm awed by this girl who played Anthony & she sings & acts fabulously), while others drifted in & out of character. But I could see how well-prepared they were, & they were all great! There were little glitches with mics & all but generally, it was smooth. The transitions were pretty natural. Some of the lines were really interesting, so I say, GOOD WORK SHAI! & of coz', good work Leonard! It's been hard on you! & 2 thumbs up for the rest of the cast & crew. You guys rocked the convention centre. :)

& it ain't safe to be around over-excited people. Just ask me. Rahman was so absolutely ecstatic at the end of the musical, he hugged me & carried me up & twirled me around (like he always does) & I flashed half of the convention hall. Even though I squealed, screeched, struggled & screamed in his ear that I was wearing a skirt. I guess shrill shrieks couldn't even get through to him in his utterly delirious state. Good god. I was so goddamn embarrassed. I think it was one of my MOST embarrassing moments to date. There were like 800 people at the play? 300 were probably at the convention hall after the musical & great, they got flashed at.

& I gave Daryl his birthday presents today! Hugo Boss In Motion Limited Edition, Levi's Boxers, Slacker berms & a series of songs which are all burnt into a very pretty CD, & a very sweet voice recording in another CD. All placed inside a pretty big blue starry box. Yep, ain't I sweet? :)

Tomorrow (Saturday) is his actual birthday dinner & again, I can only reveal what'll happen after tomorrow. Gah. I hope he doesn't ruin my surprise. I hate ruined surprises!

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