Friday, August 19

It's a pity. I was really stunned at the results show just now because JY was the hot favourite to win.

& well, first time I voted for anyone on this kind of show. I didn't know whether to or not but then I did a couple of times just before the cut-off time of 11PM.

& then I found myself thinking, just how big is the association for the blind? I'm not being like handicapped-unfriendly. But I think that JY has the whole package. He's good-looking (yes, I think he is getting better & better looking with each week), he's charismatic, he interacts well with the crowd, & he can sing. & of coz', not forgetting that he's my friend's brother.

Kelvin can sing. I give him credit for that. Props to him for having a great voice & for being brave enough to step onto stage & face the whole world who's waiting to pounce in the case that he stumbles. But then he didn't. Even while having all these people armed with harsh criticism to hurl at him, he persisted. So yes, props to him.

Buuuuttttttt. I thought the purpose of this show is to look for someone with the WHOLE package?

Ok lah, maybe that is subjective as well. I mean, the whole package to Person A is not the whole package to Person B. & stuff like that.

But I wish him all the best in his future stabs at the industry (in fact, he may even have record companies a-knocking on his door ala all the other singing competitions). & hell yeah, you have a very supportive family. (Judging from Wing, yes, very supportive.) :)

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