Tuesday, September 13

& the 1st semester of Year 3 officially ends with a terrible MedLaw paper which I'm sure I totally screwed up. Especially the whole copyrights question.

My lovely boyfriend got me Mr. A-Z as a 'sorry' gift. :) Along with a very sweet card. So all is forgiven. Heh. & I'm just playing the album in repeat mode & I suddenly have the inspiration to write a full review for it coz' I'm Mraz-obsessed & I'm going to infect everyone with this obsession. LOL.

I watched 'The Longest Yard' with him at J8 yesterday & stocked up on some of my Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. They're for grumpy days. :) & oh, the movie is not bad. Not bad at all! Heh.

& I met lovely Gracie yesterday! Finally! After...like, a year plus, I got to see her in real! I don't know why she's always twirly-whirlying her face coz' she's so pretty! Very girly, even her voice is girlish! Heh. I had a good chat with her while filling out some application form for a job (yes, I'm jobless again!) & she's such fun! & Gracie, my blog ain't lovey-dovey! :)

By the way, I had a very very bad nightmare. Evil was sweeping all over the world and people were running & screaming & crying as those people who turned evil started killing everyone else. So it was damn scary. There was blood everywhere, & people kept getting left behind. Then there was a dying lady who said she felt like eating peanut butter and I decided to be heroic & venture out to get some for her. & her husband was ever so thankful & I asked, 'Skippy or Jumpy (I know, this brand doesn't exist)?' & he said, 'Anything but Jumpy please.' & there I was rolling & escaping laser blasts & evil man-monsters trying to get to a supermarket to get peanut butter.

& then suddenly, I woke up. & even with the blood fresh in my mind, the first thing that came to my mind was my 3 packets of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in my fridge. -_- Really weird.

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