Tuesday, October 11

I just came back from the barbeque at the chalet that YanYing they all booked. & I must say that...


They got a cake which is supposed to be for Val's belated (quite belated) & mine advanced. Pretty strawberry cream cake. Everyone says awwww now! All the birthdays are around this time. Trina just had hers a few days ago, mine's next Tuesday & Floyd's on the 25th. I know Gracie's in October too! & Daryl's sister & dad. Gracious.

Anyway, the barbeque was pretty good coz' they had resident chefs - Sara, ShuLing & YouJin, who really stayed in their positions all the while, bringing us prawns, sotongs, stingrays, roasted marshmallows, chicken wings, sausages. All we needed to do was eat. Lol.

& we watched a bit of Gothika & you know me. I can't EVER watch horror movies. Coz' my imagination will go into overdrive.

& it did. I shared a cab back from the chalet with Trina, & when I was waiting for the lift, this tall guy came jogging up & waited as well. First I scrunitinised him to make sure he looked every inch human, or else I would have taken to my heels. To where, I don't know. Anyway, he looks normal so I got into the lift before him, & he pressed the button for his floor, took out his bunch of keys & jingled them.

& being me, I had visions of being mugged. With a bunch of keys. I hurriedly punched my button & took out MY bunch of keys & jingled them as well. Hey, 2 can play at the game! If he attempts to mug me with the keys, I can defend myself with my keys! But he didn't. Maybe my keys looked more threatening than his. I hurried out & practically stuffed the keys into my lock. Gah.

See? No more! No thrillers or horror movies or what not! From now on, only plain romance & comedy, you hear?

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