Sunday, October 9

My boyfriend is such a himbo (but I still love you, darling!).

We were going to go Pastamania for dinner & he pulled on the new white RipCurl polo tee I got him. Of coz' I was sceptical coz' he's not the cleanest eater in the world. He'll probably end up splattered with tomato sauce all over. So I said, 'Don't wear white, darling.'

He pulled it off, went hunting for another shirt in the laundry & came back into the room in a...

white Ecko tee.

I was like, 'Sigh. I said, don't wear white, darling.' & I rolled my eyes & he grinned rather embarrassedly (so cute when he does that toothy bashful grin!) & said it's ok, he'd have pizza instead. -_-

'No wonder Johnny Bravo is your idol,' I mumbled.

& he went, 'AYYYE! Johnny Bravo is cool ok?!'

Alright, I shall pretend that Johnny Bravo isn't the biggest himbo in the world. :)

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