Wednesday, October 12

I just received the most FANTABULOUS WONDERFUL AMAZING SPECTACULAR birthday gift ever. Never, in all my 19 years have I received a birthday gift quite like this!

& it comes from none other than my dear boyfriend - Daryl Goh SB. :)


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LOOK! It's not the non-colour one ok? It's the coloured screen iPod which I can view photos with!

I know, my birthday isn't till 1 week later & Daryl didn't want to give it to me till this Saturday.

But I pouted, complained, whined & acted pathetic until he gave it to me today. Heeey. It's not my fault, you know? He was taunting me for like, days! He would say things like, 'Your present is in the house, wanna see?' & he showed me the big blue plastic bag that the present was in.

Today, he called me & rustled the plastic bag into the phone & went, 'Hear that? That's your present. I'm gonna hide it so you can't find it when you come over later! HAHAHA!' & when I got there, he told me that if I found the present, I could keep it instead of waiting till Saturday. So I searched & of coz', couldn't find it.

But of coz', me being the surprise spoiler, he gave in! Heh.

& when he took it out, I was utterly shocked.

I mean, I never would have expected him to get me the 20GB iPod! In fact, I wasn't even really expecting an iPod! It's so damn expensive! He splurged almost his entire monthly paycheck on it! & he said he didn't feel any sort of heart ache when he parted with the money. SO SWEET! & he says I'm worth it that's why he got it for me. OH MY GOD! SO SWEET! *faints*

I named my iPod 'The Great White' coz' most people have the iPod Mini (small & cute - I like but only 6GB, I don't like) & I have the bigger & bulkier one (the iPod Nano may be small & handsome but it's 4GB & bloody expensive).

& it's my 2nd most prized possession. Daryl's the first. Not like he's some sort of possession or what not. But he's the most prized, definitely.

Darling, you made my year. Further planning this Saturday is not necessary leh, coz' you'll make me feel bad by being so impossible sweet. :) But if you insist on going ahead with your secret plans this Saturday, I shall treat you to something yummy next week! *muah*

I shall go admire my pretty iPod again! & curse iTunes again coz' I hate iTunes for not supporting WMA format.

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