Sunday, October 16

I just had one of those amazing birthday celebrations every one raves about!

I went over to Daryl's place (makeup-less & wearing a tank top & shorts coz' we were going to Sentosa for some spot of cycling & blading) & then, his parents drove us & his grandma to Sentosa's Nogawa Restaurant for some Japanese food. Surprise surprise! Daryl insisted that this girl who was serving us looked familiar, & she turned out to be his primary school friend! The world is very small indeed!

After that, his parents & his grandma left & I rented a bicycle & he rented blades & we went around for an hour or so. Was supposed to be longer but then there wasn't much time left after lunch & all. So it was an hour of mad giggling & laughing at this couple who was making out in the sea (for about an hour, mind you) & we wanted to chop-chop down to his parents' restaurant to get the car so we could go back, shower & come out for dinner again. I already had my bag of clothes & makeup at his place.

& then the worst thing had to happen. Daryl left his wallet ($90, 11B, driving license, OCBC Visa, POSB ATM card, SAFRA card, our photo, & the wallet I got him for his birthday last year!) in Dhoby Gaut MRT station's toilet & when we realised it, we were already at Meridien. He rushed back for it & it was gone. EVERYTHING WAS GONE! So he went to the Station Control & asked whether anyone returned anything & they said no one did.


Ok, I'm calm. I really am. So after that incident, it spoilt the mood for everything. We actually wanted to go Marche for dinner but we decided to just skip that. Went to Centrepoint's DBS to get his POSB ATM card cancelled, went to the police station to report the loss of his wallet (aye, the 11B important ok?) & then, we were hungry so we decided to eat anyway.

He went to his parents' restaurant & his mom gave him some money & then we hopped on down to Heeren. We went to Marche & the queue was horrid. I was kinda cold coz' I was still in my tank top & shorts so we went outside & I suggested NYDC. In the queue though, I was starting to change my mind coz' I had no idea what to eat at NYDC & was actually beginning to wish we had gone to Pastamania when who should I see coming out of NYDC & waving at us! TING! My bestest friend in the whole world! She dragged us in & told me she had my birthday present & I was like, 'Eh, why you bring it all around with you? You just bought it, is it?' & she smiled.

So we had dinner with Ting & Hong Quan & then took a few pictures with each other (although we're bestest friends & all, we don't actually have many photos together). Then they left after dinner & Daryl went to Swensen's to collect the cake he had for me. & he told me he arranged for Ting & Hong Quan to come down! So sweet ok? Xun (the other best friend whom I haven't seen for years) was supposed to come down with his girlfriend too but when Daryl lost his wallet, he wanted to cancel the thing so Ting told Xun not to come down but then we were hungry & Ting was in town & all so we went ahead anyway. Daryl said he wanted to ask Vidz as well but after seeing Vidz's tag on my blog, he figured that she was busy yesterday. Or it would have been the gathering of my most favourite people in the world! :) He actually wanted for Ting to collect the cake so she can just appear with the cake but then after he lost his wallet, it was kinda hard to co-ordinate anything. BUT STILL! That was an extremely sweet gesture on my boyfriend's part!

Went to collect the cake (even though he didn't have the receipt as he lost his wallet) & Swensen's still gave it to him anyway after some identification process. It's a Cookies & Cream ice-cream cake. Took a cab back to his place & we showered & he sung me a birthday song albeit in a funeral march way. -_- I made my very long wish (he pretended to fall asleep) & it was cake all around for everyone, as his parents came home as we were cutting it! :D

Daryl didn't dare to drive me home without his driving license coz' it was close to midnight & he reckoned that there might have roadblocks at Lornie Road so I took a cab back with the remaining cake.

So there you have it! My birthday with my very thoughtful (even Ting said so) & sweet boyfriend. :) Who not only got me an iPod for my birthday, he still planned all these stuff! So sweet ok? I'm the luckiest girl in the world, I tell you. He's incredible. Heh.

Ting got me a very pretty (very girlish!) white top adorned with sequins for my birthday! It looks quite boho. I like. :)

& Daryl's mom gave me an ang bao! Awww! Thanks auntie!

My own mom got me pearl earrings & a very pretty pearl necklace from Taka Jewellery! Heeey! This is the FIRST time she's giving me birthday presents so I was quite surprised, & it's very much appreciated indeed! The pearls are very pretty! & girlish also. I'm getting loads of girlish stuff!

& I am darn proud of myself. I went around the entire day, from Sentosa to town, sticky, sweaty, in a shabby tank top & shorts, & NOT A SHRED OF MAKEUP ON! Tell me you're proud of me! Go on! I wanted to like wear shades in town & all coz' I think I look horrible without it but Ting said people would laugh coz' it was at night. Grrr. & she said I look better without makeup actually. NO WAY! The horrid big pores, the pallid skin, the disgusting dark circles, the irritating spots! ARRRGH!

But hey, I'm still darn proud of myself. :)

& it's raining hippos here & my wonderful boyfriend is coming over later for my birthday dinner with my family. :) Heh. I still feel very lucky, & very loved.

P.S. Of coz' I have pictures but they have to come later coz' I took them with Daryl's camera which doesn't have a cable or card reader so have to wait till we get one or, we develop the photos & scan in. I haven't gotten my own camera yet.

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