Tuesday, October 18

Yesterday, I received sporadic birthday wishes.

Today, I woke to a slew of messages.

Thank you to Andre, Skye, Zhi Wei, Darrelle, Yan Ying, Trina, Floyd, Tiffy Wiffy, Vidz, Yix, Justin, Julian, Ling Jun, Feng Nian, Xun & my sis for the birthday texts! I was especially surprised to receive one from Ling Jun - my primary school best friend (when I mean best friend, I mean those inseparable kinds who had to go to the washroom together, eat together, sit together) who transferred out in Primary 4 & I cried so much, my family actually thought it was pretty cute. Anyway, we sort of lost contact & only found each other again last year (she's in Ngee Ann!) but you know, inevitably, we aren't close anymore. But she remembered! Wow.

& Li Ling & Ella for the tags. Heh.

I got my 19 birthday smooches from Daryl today. :) I'm a happy girl.

Eh. I hate being 19. It's neither here nor there. I want to be 20. At least it's a nicely rounded up number. Phooey. Unlike 19. Like what Val & Trina said, it's a prime number! Eeee.

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