Wednesday, October 19

I thought I had finally gotten a pretty decent cab driver, who was listening to Class 95 & not 97.2 or 95.8.

So after Daryl dropped off at Khatib Camp, I was happily humming along to '25 Minutes'.

& the next song came up was also one of my favourite songs, which I don't know the name to. It's the kind of song which is haunting, & really damn beautiful. But the DJ never seems to announce or back-announce it. It's just like the song that you like, but only hear once in a while, when you're probably having a good day.

So I was pretty darn happy. I haven't heard it in quite a while. & I thought I could catch some of the lyrics & finally download buy it or something. & there I was, cheerily humming along, & the cab-driver SWITCHED OFF HIS RADIO mid-song.

HELLO?! I take that very personally ok? Couldn't you hear that I was bloody enjoying the song? Couldn't you tell from the fact that I was humming along? HUH?! Couldn't you?

& I didn't tell Daryl coz' he would say that the cab-driver switched off his radio because I am tone-deaf.


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