Friday, October 28

So, Skye & I are officially jobless.

Nope, we didn't get fired. We were so efficient, we finished everything almost 2 days before we were supposed to. So they had absolutely nothing else for us to do.

I'm gonna miss that place, I will. The people there are so nice! The permanent staff there, the temporary staff there, the supervisors, & even the canteen stall owners! It's good to work in a nice environment like this. & yah lah, I'll remember packing & going mad with Skye & having the others sympathise with us for sitting in such an unglam fashion on the floor, & having to carry big heavy boxes. LOL.

Skye gave me my birthday present on Wednesday. The Maybelline XXL mascara (which for some strange reason, doesn't work as well as the Maybelline Volume Express) & a Sophie Kinsella book. She's mad about her, you see, so she's trying to psycho others to pick up on Sophie Kinsella. Thanks anyway babe, & Darrelle! :D You both are such sweethearts!

& I met Vidz last week & she got me 2 pairs of the prettiest dangliest earrings ever! I think she has damn good taste in earrings. Heh. I shall tease her about her hourglass figure & her exquisite taste in earrings. :) She also treated me to to dinner at Pastamania! & we went mad as usual. I absolutely love going out with that woman. We would talk...& talk. Anywhere, any given time. We would go to HMV & browse, & end up talking along one of the aisles. That's us. Heh. Love yoooooou, woman! & Yix, where were you? You were supposed to be there too! Bah.

Oh. Outreach was quite fun. We had fun teaching the students & they're all enthusiastic & cheeky as Secondary 2 kids are. But it was fun, nonetheless. & I think it sort of bonded the entire team. :) Wouldn't mind doing it again.

I'm staying over at Daryl's tomorrow. :) Can't wait, can't wait. We can...cuddle. It's so nice to be able to have his arm around me, anchoring me down, preventing me from having bad dreams. Whoot. Alright, I'm kinda all tingly now.

& just a sidenote.

I think Skye may have become lesbian. She did something so scarily stalkerish (something I definitely would have done in secondary school coz' I was crazy-stalkerish & used to list 'stalking' as one of my hobbies), I'm amazed.

Don't you, Skye? Lei homo?

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