Saturday, January 14

I'm still terribly upset about the loss of my wallet.

Keep thinking of all the stuff in it. Including the little slip of sweetness Daryl gave me before he left for NZ. & everything valuable & invaluable in it. Sigh. I honest to goodness don't care about the money. Just return me everything else, please. I even had a dream about it. I dreamt that I got my wallet back but strangely enough, it was from an information counter at a shopping mall. I didn't even go anywhere else other than school yesterday so that's impossible. But then this might actually be a little premonition that I'm going to get it back somehow.

Going to try the Lost & Found section on Monday, although the chances are slim.

I wish I could turn back time & find out what I did to it, where I left it.

Bah, I realise that there are some things I'll cry over if I lost them.

Like my phone for instance. All the messages in it, gone. The contacts, gone. The peektures, gone.

& my iPod. The one my boyfriend got me for my birthday. First of all, yes, it is expensive. Secondly, it has sentimental value. Even if I replace it, it'll never be the same.

& the diamante heart shaped pendant that Daryl's mom got me for Christmas the year before last. I would probably cry if I lose that too.

& the pearl necklace & earrings my mom got me for my birthday. Because that's the first ever birthday present I've ever received from her. Yes, she doesn't buy birthday gifts so that's special to me.

Oh. & my Harry Potter DVD & book set. That's why I've decided not to lend them to people unless they're my very very good friends.

But for now, I'll just cross my fingers & hope I get my wallet back.

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