Friday, February 10

I am flaking! Pieces of dead skin falling off. Stand nearer to me! I might actually flake onto you! Whoot!

& they're BIG flakes. I'm gonna liken them to the those frail wispy thingies they put on your takopachis. My flakes look like those! Serious! (Honestly, I'm just trying to stop my boyfriend from eating takopachis coz' they're so damn smelly but he's gonna say that I should stop eating pasta coz' it's so damn fattening.) Anyway, if you want some of those, come to me. I might be able to peel off substantial amounts for you. Yummy.

I look diseased. I look ill. I look like a leper. If I'm lucky, I'm gonna have skin lesions & then maybe a major seizure & then a blood clot & I'll have biopsies & M.R.Is done & it's gonna turn out that I'm actually allergic to the fibres from my bedsheets & all I need to do is change bedsheets & I'll be fine. If that happens, please page Dr. House. Along with his nice spiffy team of Chase, Foreman & Cameron.

As you can tell, I'm currently addicted to House & if only all doctors are like him! *sighs* The coolness of it all.

But if all doctors are like him, the Hippocratic Oath will be deemed redundant & there will be no such thing as ethical decisions. LOL. All our hospitals will go bust because the doctors will be sued left, right & centre & patients will be pushing patients off transplant lists.

Boyfriend is gonna force me wants company to watch Jarhead. He is utterly ecstatic that Brokeback Mountain is R21 so I can't watch it coz' he finds the storyline disturbing. He doesn't understand the beauty of shows like this. He wants wars! Fires! Rifles! Trenches! Flying kicks! Karate moves! Helicopters! Fast cars! Chop suey! More wars! *coughs* No no, not atypical male at all. *innocent smile*

*mumbles* I shall make him take estrogen. Do you think labeling the bottle, 'VITAMINS' will help?

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