Thursday, July 13

I'm going to be running on 2 & a half hour sleep today. GAH.

But my nicey daddy offered to drive me to Changi instead! -gasps- Yes, he offered! Yaaayyy! (No more 1 & a half hour train ride!)

I brought 2 packets of tissue. So when everyone starts crying, I can be like those lelong auntie & yell, 'Tissues all around!'

I'mma post up the drama mama photos...when I get back (or when I ain't feeling this lazy).

My brother just put 'What Dreams Are Made' in my head. We were talking about voice being digitally enhanced (aka Paris Hilton) & my brother mentioned Hilary Duff & said, 'You know how squeaky she was in Lizzy McGuire (no, he didn't watch it, he saw the trailer)?' & I went, 'YEEAAHHH! Her voice was (still is, actually) super squeaky & high-pitch & grating!' & lo & behold. The freaking song is stuck in my head. -_-


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