Saturday, July 15

Val has left for the land of kangaroos & koalas. :( There'll be no more random hilarious messages, no more entertaining Kboxing trips, no more eat-a-lot dinners...sigh. But you'll be back in November right? We'll be counting down the days till then, m'dear! (& yes, I'm the only one who wrote a 'letter' because I thought everyone did. Turns out only I did. & it's a mushy letter at that. Lol. But hey, thought it's time to let you know that I heart you!) :)


Total damage to my wallet on Thursday: $146. A top, a pair of shorts, a crop jacket, a retro dress, earrings, a freaking nice retro band (it's the one thing I'm in love with right now) & phoosh! All the moolah, gone! But Skye was a patient girl, who accompanied me to every shop patiently even though she was tired. & she helped me out of a spot today, by buying my PotC 2 tickets (I bought them for Saturday instead of Friday). Thank you thank you thank you, darling! :)

& this is the day I realised that I have a face suited for retro. LOL.


PotC 2 was good, but way too long. I held back my pee so much, I felt like I was about to explode after I waited 10 minutes of credits for that bloody 2 seconds of cut-scene.


It was a great day spent with Daryl. I haven't been out with him for a while, & we had such a lovely day, with the shopping, the movie, the dinner with Skye, & both of us just perfectly happy with each other.

& then that thing towards the end of the day had to happen. That embarrassing moment. When I say embarrassing, I mean, those kind of embarrassing that will appear in magazines, newspapers, & will finally find its way to circulate around the bloody Internet. It was the MOST traumatising moment in my life.

It was so horrendously embarrassing, I promptly hopped under his blankets & fell into a state of shock & tears for 45 minutes. I sobbed...out of pure, utter horror & terror at the level of embarrassment. My darling tried to reassure me, but he didn't really know what he could do. Coz' even he had to admit it was embarrassing. But he tried his damn hardest to persuade me that it will be forgotten, & still I refused to leave the room until ages later. I didn't dare to leave the safety of the room. I didn't want my face. I...couldn't.

I could feel the heat creeping up my neck when I walked out of the room, & I couldn't meet their eyes. I could feel my eyes well up again as I thought about how I just threw ALL my dignity away in front of them. All I really wanted to do was wrap a shield of invisibility around me & dash out of the house. As Daryl steered me firmly out of the room & towards the door, I mustered enough strength to squeak 'bye' & dashed out as fast as I could.

I'll never live it down. I'm still in such utter shock. (& my boyfriend has been an absolute darling about it, even when I fell into that state of bad shock, he just laughed & wiped my tears, & he hugged me, telling me that it's alright, it will be forgotten.)

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