Sunday, December 3

Saw Flags of Our Fathers at Lido last Thursday. & Lido's theatre still sucks balls. Yes, it has been given a makeover. The seats don't creak anymore, & the floors are not stained with hundred-year coke/butter/god-knows-what-else stains anymore, & blood can actually circulate in your legs.

BUT. Here's the big but. I felt like I was watching teevee. HARLOW. It's a cinema! Cinema = hugeass in-your-face screen & booming sound system which threatens to blow your ears off. THOSE justify the $6.50-$9.50 (or was it $9?) we pay. Not that tiny little screen & the half-baked sound system. The sound could only be heard properly from the front. From the last row I was sitting, it was soft, & echoish. & I had to strain to listen. I HATE IT. That's the only chance given to you, Lido. I'll choose GV or Cathay over you anytime.

Well, with that said, the movie was ok. Not fantastic, but...ok. The editings are interesting, with flashbacks of the war haunting the 3 main characters whenever they hear something remotely similar to gunfire/bombings. Like thunder.

I was just watching quietly, squinting & straining (coz' of Lido's shitty theatre) & then I couldn't take it anymore when it happened the second time. So I turned to my boyfriend & asked, Why can't the Japanese attack quietly? Why do they have to yell 'AIIIIEEEEE' & alert the enemies that they're right behind them?

Think about it? Isn't it ridiculous? We had the first scene where Ryan Phillippe was tending to an injured war-mate. This Japanese soldier crept up behind him & yelled 'AIIIIEEEE' before raising his weapon & Ryan Phillippe deftly turned around & stabbed him to death.

Then we had the second scene, with this guy hiding in a trench (or whatever it's called), & this Japanese soldier did the offending 'AIIIIIEEEE' cry again & leapt. & hiding guy simply turned around & fired at the idiot. Is that supposed to be a war cry or something? It's a bollocks idea isn't it? Shouldn't you take your enemy by surprise instead of alerting him to your arrival?

It is stupid. The ultimate. & it has been bothering me. I have been bothered by this stupid thought. How...incredibly stupid.

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