Friday, December 8

So we make up so easily. After a terrible argument yesterday night, you would think we would both be moody & angry. Far from that. We had a great time. It was...a very enjoyable day.

We went to VivoCity & had our candy/chocolate euphoria. I FOUND my Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Oh, the ONE candy that makes me smile. Then we went round & round playing the Xbox, PSP & Nintendo on display in Best, while waiting for the skies to clear up because we were looking forward to some beach fun.

We managed to get our beach fun, but we stayed for like 2 hours+ because the darn sun wouldn't come out of hiding so our tanning plans went to waste.

So while we were squealing & hitting each other with sandballs, I asked him to choose a few names for our future children.

& boy, I'm sure he doesn't take things seriously.

Note that Daryl's surname is Goh.

Names I came up with:

Names that he came up with:
Pure (Pure Gold, got it?)
Universe (so people could call the daughter Miss Universe. Lame, yes.)

& we went back to his place & had junk food & surfed YouTube. & now, introducing my new favourite band!


I tell you, they are amazing. Cute, geeky, campy, & totally funky. Val introduced me to this. & you know, it became oh-so-popular. Who doesn't know about the famous 'Here It Goes Again' treadmill dance now? They became famous with that, & they were invited to perform that treadmill dance live on the MTV Video Music Awards.

I know because my US boss kept goading me to listen to them as well, because she is in love with them. & she is in love with their one-take videos as well. (You really should check them out. No fanciful editing or lighting or special effects. Just dancing the routine to an entire song in ONE take. & very synchronised dancing at that. You wonder how many times they have to rehearse to capture that in just one take. Amazing.)

Today, I discovered another gem.

Ok Go - A Million Ways

Daryl & I watched this video only about 2 thousand times. I've also watched probably every spoof & re-adaptation by others. I've seen sloppy ones done by teenage girls at home, ¬-so-bad ones done by a bunch of guys on the streets. Search for 'A Million Ways' on YouTube & you'll find all the adaptations.

This dance gets me all giggly. & I'll watch the original one all over again & try to follow the dance moves &laugh & giggle. & my boyfriend would think I'm crazy but he would suddenly bust out in the moves too!

I absolutely LOVE this video. The dance moves are so funky! Almost like the treadmill one, but more complicated (although not as original as dancing on treadmills). & funky! & campy! & just really entertaining & happy. It makes me happy. :)

I would love to gather 3 friends to learn the moves with me too! Then we could go to clubs & freak people out. If I do go clubbing that is. I want their choreographer!

Oh, not only are they funky with their dance moves, they are pretty much a hilarious band as well. Check out the ping pong video with funny Tim & cute Damian. :)

I'm so gonna buy their album when it does come out over here. & meet them &a do whatever a crazy groupie does. LOL.

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