Thursday, May 3

Wednesday - Well, it was a good day, you know, a whole day to spend with Daryl. & then we had a disagreement from the night before so it wasn't THAT happy. & so the day didn't start off well. & it got worse. Anyways, he did something which I never thought he would do & he made me cry like mad because I was really upset & quite peeved.

& when I got to his place, he felt bad & guilty & he told me he'll make it up to me so things were ok after that. Had lunch with his parents, & they said they wanted to watch Spiderman 3 so we went to get tickets but as it was premiere day, most places were sold out. The best seats we got were for a 9.50 PM show so we made do.

Accompanied him while he played Test Drive (I kept driving into civilians' cars & sounded the police alert), & then headed to J8 for a late dinner at Ajisen before the movie.

& so! Spiderman 3. All that hype.

I'm not a crazy Spiderman fan. I didn't even catch the first 2 prequels but the trailer for this 3rd instalment looked really cool, & it has Topher Grace. I heart Topher Grace. For the ignorant, he's Eric Forman from That 70s Show, & he was also the sweet best friend from Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (yes, such a lousy chick flick, I know).

To see him as Venom was odd though. I mean, he's Topher Grace! Nice, sweet, gentle, geek-chic Topher Grace! It was a very disconnected feeling when he was the evil, power-hungry Venom. I had a crazy urge to laugh when he was speaking & he had the mouth full of Venom teeth.

& I just couldn't help but crack up at Emo Spidey. When he started donning the black suit, he would flatten his fringe to cover his eyes, & he looked so pale with the dark eye circles & wore all black ensembles. I turned to Daryl & said, "Well, all he needs to do is wear eyeliner & he probably can fit in as a scene kid." & perhaps, he ought to lock himself in the room, listen to My Chemical Romance & start slashing too. & perhaps, keep a diary & write angsty stuff like, 'No one understands me. No one ever does.'

I don't quite like Kirsten Dunst though. She's not very pretty. I think the chick in the Daily Bugle is wayyyy prettier.

& there was this scene towards the end, where it would usually reduce me to tears. I can't watch people cry or die (unless you die in the cheesy way like Kate Beckingsale did in Van Helsing). I could feel myself tearing up. & then for some unknown reason, I instinctively reached for the popcorn, & put a handful into my mouth. & I went 'CRUNCH' & it shocked me & spoilt the sombre mood for me. I was on auto-pilot. I didn't even know what I was doing. So I didn't cry when someone died. For once. & I won't tell you who dies. I've no intention to spoil the movie for all Spidey fans.

But all in all, it was a good story. It was action-packed, loads of duelling scenes between Spidey/Harry, Spidey/Sandman, Spidey/Venom. Love tangles. Friendship. Power. Career. Basically, it has all the elements. :)

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