Monday, October 1

I don't know how my boyfriend cheated me to buy him Halo 3. I did promise him 2 games as part of his belated birthday present (on top of his rugby ball & shirt from FreshBox). & he gave me his $50 Tangs voucher, see? Which I thought I could use to buy clothes or perfume or something the next time I go shopping with my gal pals.

Then he wanted the vouchers back to buy Halo 3. So I said if he did that, I would only buy 1 game for him, (since he's already using MY vouchers to buy his game). After much disagreement & confusion, I ended up giving him the vouchers, topping the $29.90 for the game, & still promising him to buy him another game. CHEATER! :(

We met up with his best friend Ian, & Ian's girlfriend - Julynn. We walked around, decided to watch Underdog which is corny beyond words. Whoever wrote the dialogues ought to be shot. Then revived. Then shot again. Then revived. Then shot again.

Took a cab down to Botak Jones at Toa Payoh, & I had my virgin taste of Botak Jones. Ian & Juleen were smart & shared a meal. I got the steak set, Daryl got the cajun chicken set, we ordered a large chicken gumbo & an apple pie, & honestly, I was so full, I was so close to throwing up. The mountain of fries & coleslaw scared the shit out of me.

Hmm. Am I supposed to talk about my advertising exam? Uh. I guess I could PROBABLY pass. Probably.

& to those who asked, I didn't quit Neopets! It quitted me. :( Apparently, the lease for the office at Raffles Towers is up, & the US side didn't want to fork out money for us to move & renovate so they decided that they didn't need us after all. My boss bought us lunch at the expensive Lei Garden at Chijmes to sort of apologise, & we get separation benefits but it isn't a lot & I'm still out of job. :( I may have to eat grass really really soon.

& my laptop is announcing its impending dismissal. It switched off 5 times by itself today. I should really really get that new laptop soon. -speaks to laptop- Please, last me till Sitex?

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