Thursday, July 24

So that day we went to BMW & Audi with Celest to test drive the cars was the 'happiest day' of Daryl's life. & so I quote. Obviously, getting together with me doesn't even compare to a couple of cars. Bah.

So he got to test drive the BMW 335 Coupe, & Celest's brother's 5 Series (which has been modified to look like an M5), & he got to be a backseat passenger in the Audi S5. Along the way, we saw really awesome cars like a Lamborghini Mucielago, a GTR, a Rolls Royce & the R8! Whoooooo. I think I was only truly happy in Audi. I heart the Audi TT & the S5 & my dream car is not the Fairlady nor the TT anymore, it's the R8. I heart.

Mike driving Celest's brother's car.

Everybody want to pose with that Lambo!

Except me. I think the Audi TT is cuter. & I know I don't look like me here.

This is my new dream car. Anyone has half a million dollars to spare?

Met Andre for dinner, which was odd since I brought along an entourage of 5 people. :P But hey, we'll meet again soon & we'll catch up! Or more specifically, you'll tell me more about her! Erhem erhem.

& I was so exhausted by the end of the day, I was a tad delirious, & then became sulky & literally burst into tears in Plaza Singapura when everyone stood around trying to make decisions on where to next. I was a little bipolar. Haha. If I was a Sim, I would have fallen asleep right there & then.


& the other 4. There, my entourage of 5.


Look, I'm a Pink Ranger now! Stupid Daryl. I asked him to help me take a photo & he knew I couldn't see with the hood zipped up so he kept going around & taking photos from the back. & there I was, posing & suffocating. I only realised when I heard my classmates laughing.

He made me pose like this.

He thinks I look like an Eskimo.

& I'm SO not exaggerating when I said that Celest is super protectice of her Power Ranger jackets. :P

Look, that's Celest! I mean, Celest's earring, which is studded with REAL diamonds btw.


Had lunch with Dr. Olsen at the Nepalese restaurant we always go to. I must say I'm starting to take a liking to the food. I may bring my Awesome 4some there someday! Awesome 4some, you wanna try Nepalese?

I forgot to take photos after the papadum.

Settler's after that, & we played Saboteur. I recommended it since I got to play it at Shun Yi's birthday party (Guo Hao brought games around, like a little game nerd!), & it was quite addictive. They weren't interested initially. As Celest said, 'Play game still must use brain!' But then, we ended up playing it for like an hour & 15 minutes. -_- Anyways, Celest, who wasn't interested in the game ended up at the end with the most gold nuggets. Hrmph.

Which left little time for my ultimate favourite game - Ugly Dolls. HAHAHAHA. Sam remains undefeated in Ugly Dolls! I know, I'm a bit violent when it comes to Ugly Dolls. It's such a crazy game, & you don't have to think! & it just hypes me up & I usually lose my voice at the end of like, 3 games. & my hands would be all red & raw from slapping against the table too much. & of coz', not to mention all the scratching when we snatch cards from each other. Love.

Celest's 9 gold nuggets.

Steph's one gold nugget. :P


My boyfriend has been the sweetest. He has been accompanying me to work from school every single day that I have work. When he has a straight bus from school which takes about 20 minutes to get to his house! :) So sweet. -muah-

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