Monday, July 21

When you're not listening in class, you get into the most embarrassing & awkward situations. & to make matters worse, my lecturer LOVES to call on me. Maybe coz' when I'm not listening & she looks in my direction, I nod too earnestly, pretending that I'm actually listening.

Seriously. I don't know if I'm too tired from school+work, or whether Research Methodology just does that to me. My eyes simply glaze over & I can't make my brain concentrate no matter what. I mean, this happened in Comparative Politics & American History but at least the lecturers for those modules didn't really require class participation. In this class, our professor keeps calling on us. Especially me. Like, thrice a day. While some others have NEVER been called on.

Today was utterly embarrassing. My mind iced over, & then when she looked at me, I nodded, & she asked me a question! & I was like, 'Oh fuck, I have no idea what she was talking about' so I ventured carefully in the direction of the parts of the question I heard, & spoke REALLY softly hoping that no one could heard me & someone could rescue me. Anyways, I was completely off-topic. I think I confused my class. They were probably like, 'What the hell is she talking about? It didn't answer the question at all!' Daryl was whispering to me what she asked & it didn't help coz' the professor came REALLY close to my table. Stephy rescued me by piping up from the back. LOL.

After that, I did try my darn hardest to listen, but failed. I mean, again, I answered something which I thought I heard. Well, I was pretty damn sure I heard it right since I was actually making an effort to listen but was told by Daryl that she didn't ask that, but something else entirely. O.o I was like, 'I could have sworn she was asking that!' So hey, seems like it doesn't make a difference if I listen or not. I seem to be tripping all over myself today. -_-

So I'll head to bed early for a change, at 11.30 PM. & hope that tomorrow will be a much much better day, instead of coming across as a bumbling fool. -rolls eyes-

Bedtiiimmmeee! & work tomorrow again after school too! PHOOEY.

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