Saturday, July 19

Whoot whoot.

Happy 4th Anniversary darling, even if it's already the 19th now.

Random photo from last week.

Thank you baby boy for the sunflower. Although I started the whole sunflower thing, it's still so sweet of you. & I do appreciate it. I will bring it home later today, I promise!

Steamboat was yummy. Thank you sexy boyfriend for doing most of the work. & washing up! You know I hate washing up! So sweet you. & your suggestion was cheeky. :P

Thank you hunny bunny for the cute video you made. It was short, but it's sweet, & it shows that you love me! MUAH. I love you too. Many many many.

& even though I may seem disappointed at the change of plans (& it's a feeling I can't suppress since I thought I would find out about the surprise you have been planning since last year), I still appreciate all that you've done. Buying the candlelight (although we didn't use it since candlelight steamboat will be just strange). Buying me the sunflower & bringing it all the way to school even though you were risking your manly reputation. Trying to shape the petals into a heart shape. The video that you made (& I know you're proud of it coz' when it went out of sync, you were rather frustrated & kicked me away till you got it synced again). Paying for our home-goodness steamboat. Doing the preparations, & the washing up. Just being so incredibly sweet. :)

As for the surprise, I guess I'll have to wait patiently till next year then!

& we shall not fight as much, ok? :) We work towards your dream of being a pilot, & then we'll get married, have our own family & live happily ever after. :)


I'm a Black Ranger! HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's Celest's jacket from Show Luo's clothing line by the way. She has it in like 3 different colours, & takes really good care of them.

Exaggerating? Not. She carries the jacket to school - in a Ziploc bag. I'm not kidding! & it's not like the jacket is gonna be exposed to germs/bacteria/viruses from random strangers on the bus/train since she drives to school. -_-

WTF moment.

I wanted to make sure that they managed to video my running. & I didn't dare to run fast coz' I couldn't see shit. -_- & I couldn't breathe either.


Oooh. What's that?

That, my dear friends, is my dream ticket. It says Singfest 2008 but to me, the ticket is screaming 'JASON MRAZ JASON MRAZ JASON MRAZ'. If you bought your ticket for $200, you got pwned.

I got mine through the Levi's promotion. A ticket + a Levi's shirt for $139.90. Well, I wanted to pay $189.90 for a pair of Levi's jeans & the ticket, but for some reason, their fit seems REALLY bad. I tried 6 pairs, & they were either too loose (their skinnies were loose on me!), or the crotch area was just too damn long & ill-fitting. It got me really annoyed, since I didn't like any of their female t-shirts. So I grabbed one recklessly since I was peeved about not finding a pair of jeans to my liking.

But either way! $139.90 for a shirt & the ticket! That's like $60.10 cheaper than the original ticket, with a shirt to boot. Sistic must not be selling many tickets. Stupid lah. Your main audience is students, & you're asking for $200 a piece? They have to rob to go, man.

& thank you Idzy Vidzy for going with me! If not for you, I'll be all alone!

So yes, JASON MRAZ! We'll see each other again, finally! :D Even if you did cost me a lot of money. It's gonna rock, I'm sure.

If there be a better promo coming up, I'll kill somebody.

This is to wipe your memories of me being retarded in that Black Ranger suit. I know the table is messy but I was packing my bag. Give me a break!

& I still haven't even started talking about my cycling trip with Awesome 4some & meeting up with my bestie. Hmm.

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