Tuesday, November 11

This guy is amazing.

I don't know if there are any sand artists sprouting from other places, but this Taiwanese guy is the original sand artist.

His art is here & now, in the moment. They're fleeting, & destroyed after completion.

But the visions are so pretty, & just breathtaking at times.

& of coz', you can't help but be awed by his deft fingers, & how every flick & swish has a purpose. Each picture transits to the next flawlessly, & it's a wonderful sight.

Here's his debut on a Taiwanese variety show (which isn't as good as the next two, but still interesting nonetheless):

Here's him drawing the 12 Chinese zodiac signs:

& finally, the one I saw on the variety show today, him depicting the wonders of Australia:

Gorgeous, ain't it?

I wish I'm half as talented. D:

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