Thursday, April 25

Bun Bun Makeup Tips Birthday Giveaway

So my favourite-st makeup blogger is giving out loads of goodies for the 2nd anniversary of her blog!

If you don't know why I like reading her entries so much, go find out why. Her entries are eloquent and funny, she provides detailed tutorials and she does the most beautiful (and colourful) eye makeup. When I try to do what she does, I just look like a mess who have crawled my way out of a tie-dye bucket. I am envious how her makeup looks so effortless and flawless!

In a way, I suppose her blog served as an inspiration for me to begin my own beauty blog for amateurs. Because I'm still an amateur and would love to one day recreate those looks she does.

After I read her entries and see those amazing looks, I just want to run out to my nearest drugstore/departmental store and get my hands on everything she raves about. Zzzzzzz. Her blog is not friendly to my wallet hehe.

Anyways, loads of prizes she's giving away including The Brush Guard, different shades of eyeshadows and so on!

Find out how to win here! :D

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