Wednesday, April 24

Review: Koji Linequeen Eyeliner Coat

Hi! I know it's been a while but I have been busy busy busy! So here's another entry, and I'll attempt to do one more this week to make up for the silence last week!

Are you sick of your eyeliner smudging and making you look like a racoon baby? Are you hating how your pesky eyeliner transfers to your crease?

That's what the Koji Linequeen Eyeliner Coat is for - I bought this for $16.90 off Watsons some time back and finally, here's a review!

I can't get a picture since the words have all but disappeared off the product so here's an image I found online (

The product description off Amazon reads:

This unique eyeliner top-coat can keep eyelines clean and fresh all day long by just applying over eyelines. Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose to moisturize delicate eye zone.

It's essentially a protective sealant over your eyeliner to keep it from smudging/transferring. The brush is a tiny little brush that is supposed to help coat the thinnest of eyeliner drawn, while the formula in the little 0.6-ounce bottle is a clear, watery solution. There's a faint, chemical-like smell to the solution as well.

Does it work?

I tried it over Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in Golden Black, a beautiful creamy black eyeliner with gold flecks in it which always transfers to my crease almost immediately after application, making me look like a hot mess early in the morning.

This is after lightly coating my eyeliner with the Koji Linequeen Eyeliner Coat - I applied a thinner line that day so the gold flecks in the eyeliner can't really be seen. Anyways, let it dry for a minute or two and the formula should keep your eyeliner budge-proof pretty much all day.

Here's how it looks after 11 hours...

Not bad but honestly, I see a tiny smidgen of a transfer on my crease. For an eyeliner that usually runs all over the eyelids without the eyeliner coat, this is considered pretty impressive. Furthermore, this was after 11 whole hours in humid Singapore and I didn't even get panda eyes!

Here's one thing I dislike about it though - it dilutes the intensity of your eyeliner. If you're going to use this over a deeply-pigmented eyeliner, chances are, the intensity of the colour will be slightly washed out from this eyeliner coat. It's a colourless liquid after all.

I find myself barely reaching for this because I like black eyeliners and getting them washed out kind of defeats the purpose of putting dark eyeliners on. I do recommend it for those who have purchased eyeliners which just don't work on your skin - why not try them again, this time with the Koji Linequeen Eyeliner Coat?


Phương Hoàng said...

which outlet of watson did u buy this eyes liner coat? pls let me know

s. said...

Hi! I can't remember which Watsons it was, but as long as there is an extensive selection of those Japanese brands (i.e. Heroine Make, 1-day Eyeliner Tattoo etc.), this should be available as well.

Hope this helps!