Sunday, April 28

Review: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

I received a sample of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in an old BellaBox (I have since cancelled my subscription), and finally got around to trying it out.

Pretty impressed with the size of the 14.7 ml sample and although it comes in a wide range of 12 colours to suit all skin colours, I received the product in Nude which actually turned out fine for my skin tone.

From the Laura Mercier website:

A perfect blend of skincare and makeup that hydrates skin and softens fine lines with a sheer hint of colour for a healthy, dewy glow.

So I usually go for heavier coverage but on a day when I was gonna head straight home after work, I put on the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.

The formula is a little runny but that's what makes it so lovely to spread and blend over the face. It is odourless which is a plus in my books - as much as I don't mind fragrance, I would hate for it to have an artificial, overwhelmingly sweet scent or a strong chemical smell.

This is a before photo, completely makeup-free. I used to be really really conscious about being seen without makeup as I always felt like I had the worst dark undereye circles, droopy monolids, small-ish eyes and large pores. I guess I eventually grew into my own skin. Don't get me wrong, I still put on makeup everyday for work and I still feel the same way about my face but I'm not as particular now - I can deal with just having a dab of tinted moisturizer on or being seen without the full war paint.

I didn't use much of the product - a little goes a long way as the cream just spreads so smoothly and easily. I used my fingers to blend outwards and it was a fuss-free process, and it definitely felt hydrating.

Here's an after photo...

There is hardly any difference, actually. Maybe it isn't obvious in photos but the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer did even out my skin tone and covers some redness. As indicated on the packaging, it has SPF20 and you can basically skip the sunscreen step in your skincare regime.

There's a dewy sheen after application, but it isn't as extreme as looking oily all over so dusting loose powder over it is unnecessary, unless you really really hate the slight shine.

It's not something I would use often since the coverage is so sheer, it's barely there. But I like it for feeling like skin and being lighter than BB cream is. In my case, I would use this for running errands and to have an all around natural look but I would still turn towards BB cream for slightly heavier coverage and  finally, the foundations (liquid or powder) for the heaviest coverage of blemishes.

If you are blessed with good skin and would just like something weightless to even out your skin tone and cover mild flaws, this would be your best bet!

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