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Review: Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal

So no posts last week, and I'm sorry about that. Le husband went on an overseas work trip so I trooped back to my mom's place to stay for a while. I was without my makeup photos or a proper working laptop but we're back on schedule this week!

Anyways, I was trawling my favourite online website - ASOS - and chanced upon this adorable looking thing.
Photo from
Tell me how cute this is! It's like a lipstick tube, with a little ribbon hanging off the end of it. The name appeals to the inner diva - who doesn't want to be a queen or have massive attitude? It also apparently doesn't ever have to be sharpened.

From the Bourjois website, here's the description:

Bring out the Cleopatra in you!

Famous for intensifying and beautifying the eyes, our NEW Queen Attitude Khol Kajal gives a smooth and perfect line every time.

Cone-shaped for precision and to create an intense black line.

Enriched with pigments and natural waxes for a blendable, soft and ultra- easy application.

The Khol can be used on both the inner and outer rim of the eyes.


I knew what I was getting myself into - khol on monolids? What is this girl smoking? But I just can't resist adorable packaging so I got this at GBP$6.99, which is close to S$15.

Awwww it's a fat little tube, and check out the really sci-fi looking cone-shaped eyeliner!

It goes on so smoothly, almost like a waxy crayon! Black is deep and intense enough if you use a heavy hand.

 I like how easy it is to apply. This would be perfect for amateurs - even managed a little flick at the end!

But I don't like how it transferred to my crease almost immediately. I did let it set for a couple of minutes or two, looking like a right idiot with my head tilted backwards with semi-closed eyes. But it still transferred! :(

Base: White (from NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Strike a Pose)
Lid: Brown (from NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Strike a Pose)
Contour: Copper Red (from NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Strike a Pose)
Outer V: Black (from NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Strike a Pose)

Who would like to guess the mess at the end of a normal work day?

Note that I work in an air-conditioned office, rarely step out into the scorching sun or the humidity since we usually have lunch in the mall where my office is, and I don't do any hard labour for work. Just sit there in front of the laptop.

The little wing has faded, which is expected but that mess! It got all over the lids! I looked like I had two black eyes. So awesome.

It also got to my lower lashline but I cleaned up a little. And this is still the resulting mess. :(

I think this eyeliner would be good for those with a high creases, so there's no way your lid will fold over the eyeliner and get it everywhere. You can smudge it out as well for smokey eyes, since that's the whole purpose of using khol. And this eyeliner is definitely one of the smoothest and easiest to apply, so it's not all bad.

I've also seen photos of how the Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal can look and am especially envious of the photo below from The Black Pearl Blog.

I don't think I can ever achieve something to this effect with my silly monolids.

A girl can only wish. :(

For now, the Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal goes to the back of my eyeliner drawer.

The Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal retails for $17 at local Sasa stores.

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